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Unpublished Latin Commentaries on Liber de causis

International Exploratory Workshop, September 17 - 19, 2012, Cluj

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Cluj-Napoca (Romanian) or Kolozsvár (Hungarian), as capital of historical region Transylvania, is one of the most visited cities in Romania. The city, with 320,000 people (second largest in Romania), is very pleasant, and it is certainly a great experience for those who want to see urban Transylvanian life at its best. The city is at the heart of the region's richest heritage of Romania, in the north-west of the country. Along with fine dining, excellent cultural activities, a wonderful historical legacy and a great atmosphere, the city will certainly not disappoint those who add it to their travel itinerary. Cluj is a city with a strong academic and scientific background and with significant potential in terms of growth.


Flights: Cluj Airport [CLJ] +40 264 416702

Taxi: (+40 264) 953; (+40 264) 944; (+40 264) 942     Tariff: 1.79 lei/km – 1.99 lei/km


"Universitas" Hotel Cluj-Napoca, 7 Pandurilor st., Phone: +40 264 429788, +40 264 429787

Emergency contact with the organizers:

Alexander Baumgarten +40 746770615     Mihai Maga +40 722855933

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